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Technical and legal translations
Bureau of technical translations ‛Doka Translations‛

The bureau of technical and legal translations, Doka Translations, offers services pertaining to the translation of technical and judicial texts, technical descriptions and technical manuals from English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian languages. We are experienced in working with large volumes of documentations.

Dear Customer, You have 7 reasons for choosing the bureau of translations, Doka Translations:
- First reason: The translations bureau, Doka Translations is highly experienced in organizing the group work of translators. We are able to concisely coordinate the efforts of individual translators in order to achieve the final result punctually and with high quality. At any moment of time we have a clear understanding of the works progress. We know absolutely what each translator is able to do and unerringly we give him the part of the job, where he may show his best work. This became possible because of the translation computer system of exam administration, which we ourselves have developed and introduced since 2004.
- Second reason: We spend an actual part of our budget allowance on the most important thing: the search and constant testing of the very best translators and editors, as well as the introduction of translator/translation technology. In the interest of getting the most for our money, we rent an office that is inexpensive, but convenient for clients within five minutes walk from the subway station ‛Podbelskovo St.‛ Our subway branch is the shortest in Moscow; we are only 20 minutes from the Moscow Kremlin.
- Third reason: The translations bureau, Doka Translations, specializes in written technical and written judicial translations. Specialization allows us to go more deeply into the matter of our work. We do not work with passport translations with notarization, and we do not work with verbal interpreting. We do what we are able to do exceptionally - we are experts in technical translations.
- Fourth reason: The translation bureau, Doka Translations, does not make editing a requirement for the customer, the result in which the cost of one page of translation would be forcibly increased by 30-50%, such as other translation bureaus might do.
With us the customer chooses between the basic translation and the edited translation.
As a rule, nine times out of ten the basic translation meets the needs of the customer. In the last six years of our work not one customer has refused to pay for our translation. We are confident of our quality, and therefore we never require advance payment. The bill of payment is presented after the customer has received the fully prepared translation.
- Fifth reason: At Doka Translations we strive to do all we can, so that our translations meet the highest demands of our customers, among which are companies of world renown.
The quality control system, active in our translation bureau corresponds to the requirement standards of ISO 9001:2000. Work is being conducted pertaining to the certification of the quality system.
- Sixth reason: In the translation bureau, Doka Translations, we use only licensed software, for example, licensed Windows, licensed dictionary ABBYY Lingvo, licensed FineReader, etc.
Due to the use of licensed software we never experience computer failure and downtime.
- Seventh reason: : If you have not previously cooperated with our translation bureau, we have good news for you: We are conducting a sale - a 30% discount is offered to new clients !

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