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The bureau of technical and legal translations "Doka Translations" is located in Moscow. It was founded in 1997. The main direction of its work is in the translation of technical texts, instructions, technical descriptions and manuals, financial and contract documentation. In 13 years we have come a long way from being a small translation bureau to being genuine experts in our own sphere. An enormous archive of translations has been amassed; thousands of translators have been tested. Thanks to our hard daily work, we have been able to bring forward the best translators in all spheres of technology. The main principle of Doka Translators' work is the principle of constantly testing all translators. This means that we are not limited by the entrance exams for translators. Each translation, completed by each of our translators is subjected to testing. This explains, dear Customer, why we give you the best of the best, and you may relax and trust to our translators.

We have experience in translating large volumes of documentation in the following areas:
oil and gas industry (gas engines, rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, blast-proof equipment, valves, sensors), metallurgy, steel tubing production, printing industry (printing presses, spectrophotometers, digital microscopes, densitometers), chemicals and chemical products (glues, additives, paints and lacquers), packaging equipment, vacuum-moulding machines, extruders, heating systems (burners), wood-working, presses, laminating production lines, cosmetics, cosmetic lasers, dental equipment, pharmaceutical industry equipment, digital imaging, IC design systems, fire-alarm systems, fire extinction systems, video-surveillance systems, mobile communications, industrial and household electronics, food processing equipment, construction equipment and structural elements (ceilings, scaffolding, sheathing), forklifts and trucks, automobile service equipment, water preparation systems for swimming pools, equipment for mineral cotton production, air blasting machines, fiberboard sheet production, hoisting cranes and load lifting equipment, diesel electrogenerators, cutters and yachts, rigging for diving and underwater photography, photo technology, digital imaging, professional and household video technology, administration of the quality of electric energy, medical technology, foundry and forging production, equipment and technology of surface engineering, galvanics.
contracts and agreements, annual reports, commercial and legal documents, journalism, business correspondence, abstracts of medical records;

Doka Translations, 1997-2015
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